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A.J.’s addiction resulted in his being placed on probation, which called for drug monitoring. After multiple positive drug tests, A.J. was eventually required to serve a custodial sentence in county jail. Prior to serving a 120 day jail sentence, A.J. checked into a drug treatment center. After a 5-day detox, it was suggested that A.J. stay for 21 days of in-patient drug treatment. His family was willing and able to pay for that treatment. Despite his ability to participate and pay for drug treatment, A.J. was removed from treatment for the purpose of serving his custodial county jail sentence. A.J. was released from custody on August 28, 2012. He lost his life two (2) days later.

A.J.’s experience inspired the AJ Butz Foundation to seek the passage of the “BUTZ BILL”, which would prohibit States (and Commonwealths) from removing individuals from in-patient drug treatment for the purpose of serving a custodial county jail sentence. Please show your support by signing our petition.

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The Butz Bill


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